Berowra Waters East

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Berowra Waters Ferry
End Point:
Just before the Roundabout
Regroup Point:
Just after the Roundabout
Climb Description:
This is a favourite climb for a lot of riders, low traffic, steady gradient, good road surface.

The only thing that is a problem, is stepping off the Ferry. First up, make sure that you are in a low gear when you straddle the bike, the hill starts right at the bottom, so if you are in the wrong gear, you go nowhere fast. The second problem, is that you may have cooled down on the Ferry trip across the river.

The climb starts with a slightly steeper section up to the single switchback, once past that, it settles down to a steady gradient. On the way up the hill, try and sneak a look back over the river, it is amazing seeing how much height you gain.

As you near the top, watch out for the attack from someone who has been sitting back on the climb.

At the roundabout, turn right and pull into the parking area to regroup.