Galston Gorge East

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Galston Gorge Bridge
End Point:
Bus Shelter
Regroup Point:
Bus Shelter
Climb Description:
This is one of the very few climbs in Sydney that has hairpins. As a result, you can pretend that you are on your favourite climb in the Tour de France.

There is a total of 6 hairpins, the first 3 occur fairly early on, the next two are a bit more spread out and the last is towards the top.

The gradient on this climb is pretty steady, but when riding around the inside of a hairpin, there can be a sharper gradient. Also, the hairpins do break the climb up a bit.

Expect an attack as you come out of the 5th hairpin (for some reason, they always happen there), and there may be a sprint for the Bus Shelter.

The regroup point is at the Bus Shelter at the top of the hill, so the early finishers usually lay claim to the bench.
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