West Head Rd

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
West Head/Akuna Bay Turn off
End Point:
Top of the Hill
Regroup Point:
Top of the Hill
Climb Description:
This is the slightly longer version of the other climb on West Head Rd. This climb will only appear on the West Head Ride.

The climb starts off fairly steady, and then ramps up before easing back as it passes the Toll Booth. It then holds a steady gradient as it heads towards the Akuna Bay turn off, just before this point the road kicks up slightly. Don't be deceived by the KOM line on the road, as you turn right and continue up the hill.

This hill is the icing on the cake, it is steeper than the previous section, but it is only short and you can see the top from the bottom.

Having reached the crest stop and wait for the rest of the group to catch up before heading out to West Head.
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