Awaba St

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
The Esplanade
End Point:
Spit Rd
Regroup Point:
Spit Rd
Climb Description:
This is a gut buster. There are steeper roads in Sydney, there are longer climbs in Sydney, but Awaba Street if feared and respected for good reason. It is 600m long and averages 12.5%. This means, that for every 8m you travel forward, it gains 1m in elevation.

This is only half the story though, after the roundabout at Moruben Rd, the slope does decrease. This roundabout is 450m up, to which point the gradient is an impressive 14.5%.

There is only way way to climb this hill, out of the saddle in granny gear. It is also advisable to hang on to the drops, as on the hoods you will feel like you will pull the front wheel of the ground.

Don't go for heroics on this one, just aim to survive it, aim to get to the top without stopping, once past the roundabout you are there. At the top, pull on the footpath and get your breath back before continuing, and congratulate yourself on conquering one of the toughest climbs in Sydney.