Akuna Bay West

Average Gradient:
Start Point:
Toll Booth
End Point:
Toll Booth - Just before McCarrs Creek Rd
Regroup Point:
Terry Hills Shops
Climb Description:
This is a challenging climb. It starts with a bang, straight up and around a hairpin. It stays quite steep for a while before easing off a bit. While the Average Gradient for the entire climb is only 3.4%, take note that it does reach the a high point after about 3.3km, the gradient to here is a much more impressive 5.6%.

Once over this first high point, don't let up as other riders can be breathing down your neck and it is easy to lose the KOM points. There is still a bit of distance until the Toll Booth where the KOM is.

On rejoining McCarrs Creek Rd, continue along to just before the Thai Restaurant, turn right into Yulong Ave to regroup at Terrey Hill shops to refill water bottles.
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