Average Gradient:
Start Point:
North side of the Bridge
End Point:
Pie in the Sky
Regroup Point:
Pie in the Sky
Climb Description:
This is a nice steady climb, it has no real surprises and is generally a popular climb.

While the gradient does change a bit initially, once over the bridge crossing the F3, it is a pretty steady slope. The whole ascent is done with an overtaking lane, so there should be very few issues with the little traffic that use it.

Someone has also painted kilometre markers on the road, and as the climb is pretty much exactly 4km, you often know how far you have to go (not always a good thing).

Watch out for the rider with a bit left as there is a good opportunity to sprint for the KOM points.

Further, this climb is usually only done on the Brooklyn Ride. So it is possible to descend only half way down before turning around.
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